My Current Setup

  • Premier Genista - Birch, 7 ply, Turquoise
    • 20"x16" Kick
    • 14"x5.5" matched snare
    • 10"x9" Tom with RIMS mount
    • 12"x10" Tom with RIMS mount
    • 14"x12" Tom with RIMS mount
  • Drum Heads
    • Evans Power Centre Reverse Dot snare 
    • Remo Powerstroke 4 kick batter head and std Premier display
    • Toms are Evans G1 clears for the resonant heads and either Evans G2, G1 coated or Remo Pinstripes, depending on what I'm doing.
      • I also keep a set of moongels in my stick bag just in case
  • Alternate snares
    • Yamaha 10"x6" Soprano - Green
    • Mapex Black Panther 13"x3" Piccolo
  • Hardware
    • Premier 3000/5000 boom cymbal stands
    • Tama Iron Cobra hihat stand
    • Tama Iron Cobra Roller Glide kick pedal (double if needed)
    • Tama brackets/clamps
  • Sticks
    • Usually Vic Firth 7A woodtips but I was given some Wincents which I quite like. I also keep plastic and metal brushes and a set of meduim beaters for smooth cymbal rolls in the bag.
  • Sabian
    • 13" AAX Studio Hats
    • 13" AAX Studio Crash
    • 14" AAX Studio Crash
    • 18" HHX Crash Ride
    • 20" Pro Ride
    • 8" AAX splash
  • Also in the bag......
    • 10" AA Splash
    • 12" AA Splash
    • 10" AA mini hats (you never know!)
    • 10" HHX Mini Kang
Having used all sorts of hardware and setups over the years, this one suits me well at the moment. Easy to add bits to and to setup in different sizes, depending on what I need.