Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Work it is then

As some forum members will know, I'm dealing with an interesting opportunity with regards to work (This is the 'cusp' I mentioned.)

Basically there are some positions at the YMCA which have come up. The trouble being that the closing date for applications was last Friday (25/11/05)!!

Long story short, I now have to get an application form back to them this week, and interviews are next week! Now, I'm not certain that this is something God is bringing me to, but I think it might be, and so I'm persuing it. It's quite complicated, and I'm aware that that could be because God's putting obstacles in my way because it's not the right opportunity, or it could be the enemy putting obstacles in my way because it is! We shall see, and for now I'm going to keep going.

All I know is that someone I trust and has loads of experience of the YMCA thinks I will be good working for them. Of the things I do know about them as an organisation, I like the fact that they tailor jobs to suit the skills of the worker. Very cool.

It may be the one, or it may just help me focus on what I want to do. They could tell me that they don't think I'm suitable. God knows! (Thankfully ;)


  1. May I be so bold as to ask which department of YMCA?

  2. You may, and I don't know.

    I believe it is schools, though there is some hostel based stuff going to, as I understand it.

  3. Is this the time when I get to *cough* and say ...

    God's got it covered ;)

  4. Oh go on then, if you really need to :P

    Though I know it to be true!