Thursday, December 22, 2005

Juggling and Waiting

Two things I spend a large part of my life doing, and would probably rather not.

So then (Helen ;)) the interview went well. In fact it went very well. The specific post I went for is "Duty support Worker"; involving one half "Duty Manager" of the hostel and the other half being a "Support Worker" with a case load of residents of my own to process/encourage etc etc.
The age range is the classic hostel range of 18~35 yrs. It's a temporary, shift based contract.

I had a really good chat with the HR manager and Hostel manager in general and about specifics, and I enjoyed myself. I was there for ages!

So that's a bit more detail for you, but now you've read it, you're thinking..."ummm what's that got do do with youth work?" (or something like that) and my answer is.......I have no idea!

For reasons I won't go in to on here, I ended up being interviewed for this position. As I Learnt more and more about the job, I became more interested. It would be a challenge to me, though I think I have the skills to make a start. It's not what I've been looking at, but I do need to consider this carefully.

It would mean quite a big life style change, which is the thing that's causing me the most circular thinking ATM.

This may all be irrelevant, as they haven't offered me the job, and they may well not. We'll see.
I have plenty to mull over, and not necessarily much time to do it.

I may have an answer this week. For now I will continue to juggle the demands of my current job, and wait for their response.

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