Saturday, December 17, 2005

Works Christmas Do

Last night was Hol's Christmas do at 'The Talk'.

It was a meal, a bit of dancing, a caberet show, and more dancing.

The meal was hilarious! The food was a good school dinners level, but there was plenty of it. The service was great, though I'm not sure if more food went on the table rather than the plate!?!
All washed down with plenty of (slightly watered down) wine.

I'm no dancer, but I had a great time dancing to some good tunes, which suddenly changed to cheese just before the Show (YMCA etc)

The show was just great! 45 mins of non-stop music and dancing. So many costume changes, and very slickly produced. Although some of the dancers we're scantily clad at points, and some of the costumes we're from a fetish website (allegedly,) for some reason, in this context, it wasn't exploitative or tasteless.

Then we danced to "500 miles" ...........*rolls eyes*

I just have to give a shout out to Chris and the boys at Logic Audio. Of all the venues in Norwich, The Talk is one of the few that has a sound system that you can crank up loud but still have a clean, tight sound. Their system has been there for a long time, and it still sounds good!

(The Talk has 2 x CS1090 tops, 2 x LS1290B, 2 x LS1290SB and 4 LS101's, I think.)


  1. Where does Hol work?

  2. She works for Knowlden Titlow in Norwich.

  3. Anonymous4:48 pm

    I was working there last night!
    Didn't see you about, it was quite cool, everyone at the talk were so helpful!

    Did you see the first guy to get up and dance!? hehe, we all laughed for ages!
    Apparently he wasn't even very drunk!

    Catch you later mate!


  4. I did see him! After he disappeared (?) we got up to "strut our finky stuff" and the DJ pointed out that there was only one guy (me) dancing (that's what I call it anyway) with about 20 women! It's always the same.....

  5. I like the comments about equipment

    Glad its not just me who does that when out for a night out

  6. I know it's a bad habit, but I've had prayer for it, and I think I'm getting there!

    It makes so much difference to me to go to a venue with a good sound reinforcement system. I relax, rather than thinking about how bad it sounds. My Elcea ear plugs have spent many hours listening to poor PA, so I didn't have to!

  7. Anonymous12:47 am

    Phil mate,
    I do love you man, but you're such a geek! haahahahahahaha!

    I left at about 10:30 to go catch the ending of the reality ball.

    I must confess tho, I was pleasently supprised with the PA there, however, it was like being in phoenix nights tho.

    The djm, the music, the punters, the odd 'happy' bar staff.

  8. ^^^ This from the man who sells Britany Spears perfume!