Thursday, January 19, 2006

Three Chord Wonder (with an 'H')

Well, my actual reason for starting this blog was to record the adventure of searching for a new job. Now that I have a new job, I've started to think about what I want to do with it.

Through a Technorati I search I came across a worship leader called Phil, in Orlando (anytime you fancy a swap Phil, you go right ahead and give me a call!) and his website -

He's got all sorts of stuff on there including podcasts (covering all sorts, including techy stuff) he has video and audio, plus he shares what he's up to and what he does as a Worship Pastor. I've been finding it really interesting to chat on there, and I've been realizing just how much techy/PA stuff I know.

Wibbly backtrack moment~Wibbly backtrack moment

Ever since I said yes to the job at the YMCA, It's felt like a weight off my mind. This has left what mind there is left free to focus on my leadership role of our Worship Team. I've been praying about what I/we should do next/this year and I've had an answer....

Wibbly forwardtrack moment~Wibbly forwardtrack moment

While Sue was on sabbatical, it was my job to work with Sian and to keep us moving forward; sort our pieces for the Christmas production; learn/teach new songs and various other bits and pieces, so it was fairly simple for me to know what to do.

Now that she's back, it's been good to meet as a leadership team and discuss where we're going
and what God's up to.

So....I'm going to move on from running our practices and focus on the PA team. I'm aware that we have some new equipment (toys!) on the way and I really want to keep the PA team as much a part of the band as possible, and also I want to thank the people who keep us going and support them, encourage them, teach them and generally include them (Inclusive is our watch word this year.)

So why have I told you that when I started out telling you about a bald American called Phil?

Simply because he's added to my thinking, and what I'd like to start to build are two data bases/collections of articles on Worship Leading and Sound Reinforcement. They will be based on what we look at as a band and PA team, and will build slowly (I guess.) I'd love for it to be contributed to by and available to other people too. Maybe forming a few more inter-church links? We all have the same problems, why not share them?

I'd really love it for this site to become too small to cope with it, but that's a long way off, so for now, watch out for a few changes round here, and maybe a few posts that you don't understand!
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  1. you inspire me to want more brain power :-D

  2. I like that.

    If you find some, let me know, I could do with some more :0)

    (Word varification: eukke !)

  3. when do you start your new job?

  4. 6th Feb...I can't (quite) wait.

  5. This is not on the right bit of the blog. Wanted it to be in repsonse to your last one but this keeps coming up weird.
    Its all about the heart and the opennes to God a desire to communicate with Him and listen, bless and enoucourage. All of which you do. Keep your heart soft and lead us on. Widen the place of your tent and be sensitive to the variety of people who you lead not on one channel if you get my drift

  6. I'll see if I can move it. (I have never tried!)

    Thank you A, I appreciate the encouragement and warning. Something you're very good at wrapping up in to one. I think I get your drift, though if you'd like to expand, I'd be happy to listen.

  7. Anonymous1:44 am

    I just came over here from the Cartoon Blog (wanting to see how Dave did the 'telling off' thing!), and I see that you're about to start working for the YMCA. I so hope it works out for you. I've been with the movement for about 12 years, and it's truly wonderful - so a big welcome!

  8. Thank you! Check back later to find out how I get on!