Saturday, June 17, 2006

To the Best Dad I could have; Happy Father's Day

Well, it's Father's Day again, and I thought that this year, rather than faffing with a card, I'd devote a whole post to my Dad.

Very simply put, My Dad Rocks!

I know I wouldn't be the Man I am today without the example I grew up with. He taught me and encouraged me, whilst always showing me right from wrong. He loves people, and is very good at respecting people; that's why he's so many people's favoutite teacher (You know you have one of those teachers that will always stand out from your school career, well, he's one of those.) I remember, rather embarassingly, filling up my motorbike with petrol once and walking in to pay just before I realised that I didn't have my wallet with me. Anyone who's ever done that will know that it's quite embarassing and that you have to provide some sort of ID to say who you are before you leave to go and get some money (just in case you don't come back.)

Unfortunately for me all of my ID was in my wallet and so just as I was floundering as to what to do next, a voice from the back office pipes up and says " I know who he is, he's OK." Words spoken by an ex-pupil of my Dad. What sort of credential is that! Amazing.

Without wishing to be too gushy, I'd just like to say that I'd like to be the kind of Man my Dad is. No matter what he think's his failings are.

So Dad, Thank you for being such a great Father, and I Love You.


  1. Good post :)

    Lissy got daddy a pretty card, it had a disney princess on it and lots of flowers! Inside said "Happy Fathers Day Love your little Princess". hehe.