Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Slowly, but it's coming

Time for blogging that is. I have 15 mins on line right now, so I'm catching up for a while.

When I have been online, my bible reading and emails have taken up what little time I've had.

A few of the things that I wanted to blog about are history now; like "99.9 Radio Norwich, The new number for Norwich" which I have been listening to recently. It's great and I'm enjoying their song selection. Well, except when my DJ friend Emma woke me up with Brittany Spears' "Toxic" at 6:25 the other morning!

I took the chance to tell her that last night (she gets up at 4:45 each morning and so, has to go to bed earlier nowadays, so I see less of her. It's not like I've had much time either...)while I saw her at The Reality Cafe

The Reality Cafe is running until Thursday this week, and is really about providing a space for people who feel a bit to old for Reality to come and be, chat and drink coffee. It's at the Kings Centre Cafe on Kings Street and runs 7-9pm. Last night I spent a bit of time speaking to Jo, who's homeless. She's certainly seen the extremes of life!
Coffee, People, Chat.

In other news, I'm re-designing the Sound System for Oak Grove's planned move to the new Hall at Catton Grove Primary School (when it's built.) We are no longer installing a system (to do with not compromising the sports side of the hall) and I'm researching Line Array systems.

Initially, I was hoping to cash in on the benefit of the controlled vertical dispersion which comes from a cylindrical wave (as opposed to a spherical one.) It seems however, that the length (height) of your array determine how far down the frequency range the line array theory goes. Unfortunately, I need to have a system that is ground stacked for speed and cost effectiveness but that limits how long the array can be.

I then read an article by the main guy at 'Funktion One' who was talking about how much correction line arrays need to work properly, and wouldn't it be better to have a point source that worked without needing phase correction, power filtering etc etc?

One of the other disadvantages is that the horizontal dispersion is approx 100 degrees. That means that you can get large amounts of side reflection, which would be bad. Then, (!) you have the problem that most arrays near field only extends for 5m or so, frequency dependent of course. Array's start acting like spherical sound waves in the far field, so at the kind of SPL's I'm talking about, what would be the point!

In case I lost you then, I've have to say that that is how my head is at the moment, so sorry, but that's when I'm at.

Well, that's my time up. I promise to be more coherent next time.

Which reminds me of Line Array device coupling........!


  1. Missed you this evening - it was great!

  2. You made me smile :0D
    Thank you

  3. Jenny1:21 pm

    So this is what you do with your family time eh ; )

  4. It's the advantage of WiFi; bloging while cooking! and all in 15 mins!