Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm Looking

I'm looking for anyone who has any experience of setting up a venue each week to use for church meetings. I'm interested in the techie aspects mostly and particularly, I'm looking for equipment reviews of things that made the job easier.

I'm researching; it's driving my wife mad (hehe!)

Please post up or email threechordwonder@btinternet.com

Thank You.


  1. Phil

    I lead worship at Norwich Vineyard which meets every week at Thorpe High School in Norwich. (www.norwichvineyard.co.uk). Here we have to set up PA and chairs every week as well as all our guitars, electric drums etc etc.

    I haven't a clue about this but if you drop me an email at monts@fish.co.uk I can forward your request onto the relevant people for help.

    Hope that helps somehow.


    Dave Montgomery

  2. I know a couple of poeple who may be able to help, I'll drop then your email

  3. Eastonpromise7:28 pm

    Having set up a temporary system in 2 church halls, I can only offer one piece of advice - DONT DO IT

  4. Thanks Dan! I feel very encouraged!

    Cheers Monty & Craig, any ideas welcome (Monty I hope you got my email.)

    I've done enough freelance sound engineering to have some ideas. My real challenge is to make it simple enough for everyone to use whilst upping the level of profesionalism and production. Oh, and making it invisible too!