Friday, August 18, 2006

Living Water - Belonging

Living Water has come...And gone, and I have a few days off to recover and have some family time.

I was privileged enough to work at Cafe Life again this year. We had a different worship leader this year, and she brought in a few different musicians which made a nice change. God is good, and I've played with all of the other band members before in various different situations, which allowed us to gel quickly. The best thing about the Cafe Life band is that not one person spoke to us about the gear or the songs we were using. There were no 'The band are great' moments (well, there was some good feedback at the end) which means that people were soley looking to God when we were playing and not paying attention to us, which means that we achieved what we set out to do.

We had Steve Campbell speaking to us each morning from Cthree and he was great. I found it hard to balance camping with my family and seeing them and working on site, but, as I was playing in his sessions, I got to listen to him and I was really encouraged by what he said.

On balance Living Water was hard work this year. I missed the closer relationship with the main adult venue (who cafe life is supposed to support) and though God was working all over the site, I felt a little disconnected from what God was doing as a whole. All of these things are addressable, so we'll see what happens next year.

As a note to next year, if there is another Living Water, you may see an even bigger venue (!) another sing-a-long, more kids play facilities, a chill out zone or a Cafe-tranquil (!?) Who knows! (Oh, Okay, except for God.)

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  1. the youth venue feels like you at a completely different event...

    did you guys get washed out?