Friday, September 01, 2006

"I'm giving it all to you...

...mumble mumble mumble, mumble. Hey! Hey!"

I've borrowed the Hillsong London 'Jesus Is' CD & DVD from work, and it's had several effects on me. (Preview here. Click on the icon, top right.)

Firstly it's pointed out to me that I knew very little about the church, how it works and why it's there and that my preconceptions were wrong. Secondly, it's given me some new drumming licks to nick/borrow and thirdly it's reminded me that I really dislike mumbled or unclear lyrics in songs.

The above lyric is from a song called 'Follow the Son' which I really like, but I had to look the words up! Sung, they are just a blur! (The actual lyrics are "You are everything to me!")

As you may expect, being set in the Dominion theatre, the technical production is excellent. The visuals & lighting are striking to say the least. The band are, of course, very good and I like almost all of the songs.

The thing that really stands out for me though is that the when I watch the DVD, I am not focused on the band, or the video wall or anything else other than God. I can only surmise that this is because so are they.

This is the first glimpse in to a "TV Church" (my phrase, but you can guess what it means) where I have seen what I have been looking for; a sense of humility. I think this is especially ironic because this DVD shows such high production values; you have to see it to understand. Go watch the preview.

The DVD also features Matt Redman with a song that's a grower, but very strong. Matt looks somewhat larger than I remember...

In other news, there seems to have been a round of "I haven't been blogging for a while" posts recently and I just wanted to say welcome back to those who have not blogged for a while, but don't forget that there will be times when you blog everyday and times when you blog a lot less. Don't worry about it. Your posts will be better if you blog when you have something to say!

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  1. Hmmm, good review! I often wonder about the focus of mega churches and I'm glad to hear that you found this an aid to worship. Cool!