Friday, December 01, 2006


Tonight, as I mentioned briefly here, I played drums for the Fridays band.

I'm left thinking of history, and disco.

My thanks go to John, Dom, MR.T, Fliss, Lou and especially Keef! Who always looks after me when I play at Fridays.

Just to explain, I used to be the Fridays drummer, many years ago, and though there have been others since, I am privileged enough to get to go back and play every now and then.

It usually involves playing songs that I have never heard before, let alone played, especially when, like this time, I am not able to make the practice. This, for me, is half the fun. I find it a test; to see if I can still do it!

While we we're praying before Fridays, I was really aware of Generations. I've seen lots of generations at Fridays, including the 'new' current one. To look back at those different times, and see where people are now, is to see how God works. You see, Fridays is not very good at chewing people up and spitting them out. It is very good at being a place where God meets with people. This leads to people growing, being released, healed and all the other things that God can do.

That is not to say that everyone, or anyone, who's been through Fridays is perfect. I just find it easy to see God in and through Fridays.

I think that we all find places like this. I also think that we should spend time in these places, I know that I certainly find it encouraging.

In conclusion, I think I'm saying "Go where God is".

As for the disco, the incredibly good looking worship leader finished the night with Matt Redman's 'Dancing Generation' which fitted in nicely and included a spontaneous disco break using the bass riff from 'Carwash'!! Go Keef!!!!!!!

(I'd love to know if that's ever happened before!)


  1. i think that was a one off!

    and I dont think i deserve to be on that list, i was wandering round in a daze the whole night. plus is fridays that scary? lol. thanks for playing tho :-)

  2. Of course you deserve to be on the list. You showed muchas commitment!

    And I didn't say Fridays was scary....I actually Love the challenge of it all!

  3. Good review of fridays, I like how you describe "it's not very good at chewing people up etc."

    I still feel priveleged to have been part of it through it for a time