Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Real Milestone

I think this is Elle's biggest milestone since learning to walk.

She now has her own bed, pillow and duvet!

She slept through her first night in her new bed on Saturday and slept in!

She keeps saying "Elle's big girl"

It did make me wonder what the adult "Milestones" are.

What was your last one?

What's your next one going to be?


  1. We have have just done the same with my little boy. He moved out from his Nursery to his very own room (and a new bed). He is now ok but took some time adjusting.

    Milestone last one - probably the above...
    Milestone next - Having the house completley finished in terms of diy

  2. Does DIY ever finish?

  3. Hannah8:43 pm

    Next thing is potty training :p hehe.

    Lis went in to her big girl bed a month or so back now. She loves it "Lissy's pink big girl bed, like it!"