Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Roads are hard, People are soft

This morning, I got up as normal and headed off for work.

I got on my bike, aware that there was some ice in the roofs around me, and took it easy.

Outside my house, there was no ice.
Round the first corner, there was no ice.
Round the second corner, there was no ice.
So, by the third, I was quite happy with the state of the road.

Then it happened.

My back wheel disappeared from underneath me sending me to meet the road. I landed awkwardly on my hip, jarring my back and winding me. Roads are hard.

This junction is the last one before the main road, and it's quite busy,so I was quite pleased that no-one ran me over.

In fact, I had people all round me very quickly, all offering help, all checking I was OK, all offering to call someone for me, and one person who pulled my bike out of the middle of the road for me. To all of them I offer my very sincere thanks.

The reason I'm blogging this is not for sympathy (I'm OK but I do have a slight muscular injury) but simply this:

However hard people seem, however much they seem not to care, every now and again you will see a glimpse of something more, something better, something softer. Be that person and see it in others.


  1. I'm glad you're OK. I hope your bike is repairable?

  2. I'm pleased to say that my bike is OK. Just me that got hurt.

  3. Fortunately God designed you well so that within 2 weeks or so, you will be as good as new!