Friday, April 13, 2007

A metaphor for Labour & the NHS?

or an overly cynical blog post?

You decide...

For me, though I have no intention of ranting about the NHS, I have always been amazed that the NHS still exists.

With all of the complaining, no matter which government is in power, with all the media pressure and 'public outcries', with all of the staff signed off with depression, it is a true wonder of the world that the staff have not all given up and gone home.

Maybe we need an answer to the problem of the NHS' future that does not begin and end with money.


  1. I was trying to make clear that it was a metaphor for the way labour treats the NHS. i am supportive 100% of the NHS. However, i don't like this obsession with layers of bureaucracy which is seeing PCT's closing cottage hospitals all over Norfolk whilst Doctors pay has rocketed.

  2. Fistly, thank you for visiting, norfolk blogger.

    Secondly, your post was a springboard for mine and you got me thinking. On balance, I think it's a helpful metaphor and shows that money will not improve the NHS or make it sustainable ON IT'S OWN.