Monday, May 14, 2007

A Proud Dad

Firstly, I make no apologies for my current low blog rate. Where others usually say they've been too busy etc etc, I say, I have been focusing my attentions elsewhere.

After all of the car changes were sorted out (very happy with the new one) we, I should say Hol, decided that we should completely rework the house.

We already had the builders in working on the garage, but our new plans have been exploding everywhere else too! We now have scheduled new sofas, new flooring, a new room for Elle (done) and a refresh of the hallways (also done.)

For someone who seriously dislikes painting, I have been amazed that I found myself enjoying it; including the edging which I have hitherto not had the patience for. Praise God.

So I'm feeling good about father/husband stuff, because I'm getting on with it and being proactive which makes me feel strong. Praise God some more.

Finally, and the original reason for the post, I was drumming at church yesterday morning, and what a morning it was. Praise God. Right at the end, just as the we were starting the last song, Elle came back in from creche.

She marched in to the building, looked for me and walked the full length of the building to the stage and climbed the steps (we were playing don't forget) then came and found me. I grinned and told her to pick up some sticks, which she did. Then she drummed with me! Praise God, Proud Dad's together!

(I had so many looks from people who offered to come and get her, but I wouldn't have stopped her for the world.)


  1. Elle is such a cutie

  2. mumsie10:47 am

    keeping up the family tradition, I see