Thursday, July 12, 2007

Harry Potter & the Order of the Pheonix

Well, I've seen it,

and it was ...........Good!

Tackling one of the bigger books, this version takes some of the usual shortcuts we've come to expect from the films, but apart from the first few minutes (up to the arrival at Grimmauld place) the changes and 'fast-forward' moments are actually quite smooth. The acting is good and the casting is superb!

Emmelda Staunton is just the right Dolores Umbridge, the look and demeaner are spot on. I was dissapointed to see little of Natalia Tena as Nymphadora Tonks, as she again has it just right. George Harris as Kingsley Shacklebolt has a peculiar look, but he's really funny.

Unfortunately, Michael Gambon's Dumbledore continues to make me want to shout 'No!, that's so wrong'. In one scene, Dumbledore shouts at most of the school....out of anger. Wrong wrong wrong!!!

I'm pleasd to say that it flows as a film. It's good to look at, the story makes sense. It's funny, scary, dark, light, in fact, for me, it's the best film by a good margin, even though it's not my favourite book.

My one remaining thought is that there are lots of scenes which make sense but are missing little buts. I think the DVD release will be much longer.

So, having enjoyed film 5, it's on to book 7...

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