Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I've just got home from our second band practice using our new kit. I will of course do a techie review of the system, but I'm basking in the glory of my own wonderfulness.

Ok, so I'm kidding. What I'm actually doing is seeing the fruits of many hours of labour. Hol will confirm that 'many' is an understatement.

For the second time, we rigged a stack of the new PA with the new desk. This time putting about half the band through it (the other half are at Soul Survivour.) For the second time, everything worked, from the off. All of this preparation has really paid off. From my custom cable work, to the desk config, it all works. I can't quite work out if I'm surprised.

I am pleased though. Having taken the responsibility for advising on what is quite a lot of monies worth of system, to have got a system that I allready have so much confidence in. I'm really looking forward to setting it up in the new hall (whenever we get in there) but the more we use it, and the more often it works, the less scary it becomes.

God is good. That is all there is to it.

(Only another 120 solder connections to go!)
Here's a couple of sneak peaks!!

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