Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Big Move - Part 5

The final part!

No more waiting, no more wondering!

Today was the first time that OG has met in the new hall. All of the elements that make us us were there, including a coffee machine in the hall to keep the setup team going!

We crammed in a large amount things though! Notices, annointing and blessing of the Savorys (not on the running order, oh dear...) music, preach, response/music, dedication and commissioning of our new youth worker!

The sound settled a lot with 218 people (!) in the room, but it's still nowhere near being good enough for me.

The kit really is good and the volume coverage is very even. I got the chance to push a bit of volume and the whole thing held out OK, but the acoustics really are bad. On that, NPS have taken responsibility for the poor acoustics and will be adding acoustic treatment to the hall. Hooray!! and Hallelujah!

No idea when or to what extent, but it should be quite noticable.

Lots of things happened that I have no idea about. Creche, junior church (CHIMPS) and ETC all met (somewhere,) catering did it's job, the 'admin desk' was running with the new info boards (which I need to look at) and the stewards did a great job stewarding.

All that said, I'm not really thinking about the sound and the rest of it. I think I will as the feedback from the rest of the church dribbles in, but for now I'm thinking more about the situation we are now in.

We had more people in that hall than we ever have had, or could fit, at the old chapel. We have taken a stand in the heart of the school for God. I feel integrated in to the surroundings, rather that just a visitor. God has delivered. 'We' did it. So, what's next?

(No photos, no camera!)

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