Saturday, September 29, 2007


The 8 sessions of the 2007 Global Leadership Summit have come and gone (well the Norwich ones have. More UK summits are happening in a couple of weeks time.)

I feel like I am over-flowing with thoughts, quotes and ideas. All of the either very challenging or just very good. That's on top of the great holiday we had and then not seeing my girls for 2 days!

I am again convinced that there is no better Leadership training of this kind. I have lots of things to go back over and process and if I don't, I will be missing out.

Some quotes/thoughts:

"People don't always have to have their way, they just need to have it considered" Bill Hybels

"Passion can blind you to the truth" Carly Fiorina

"Build on your strengths and work around your weaknesses" Marcus Buckingham

"People are not our greatest assets" Marcus Buckingham
"People's strengths are our greatest assets" Marcus Buckingham
"Your purpose in life is not to grow in to someone else, but to become more of who you already are" Marcus Buckingham

"Leadership is...dissapointing people at a rate they can handle!" John Ortberg

'Good causes and valued people deserve inspired leadership' Bill Hybels (paraphrase)


  1. The thing is that the sentences above that you wrote were inspirational in the context of the event. On screen they just look like sound bites. Cross I missed out (but glad I've written my essay!)
    What will you do differently now that you've been?

  2. I promise I will make more sense of all of that (without re-writing the authors books...!)

    There's always next years conference (which I'd love to see the SMT at...)or you can borrow/buy the DVD's.

    I intend to write more but I intend to be in the 6% of people who actually make any changes at all following a conference.

    I intend to study my 'Shadow Mission' and get accountable for it.

    Personally, I need to invest in seeking vision for myself and those I lead.