Sunday, October 21, 2007


I thought I'd just add a little example of how my understanding of prayer has changed. Corporate prayer:

Many of you will know this situation and probably have been in the exact situation. I was at a house group meeting and I was coming to the end when one of the leaders remembered that they should be praying. He then asked if anyone wanted prayer for anything. Each person had something to say and this went on for a while as people described good or bad things in their lives and where they wanted God to be in their lives. People took their time and were very honest and real, especially when talking about God and their struggles. This, however, brought the meeting well over time and everyone decided to call it a day, rather than run much more overtime.

Most seemed to feel like they'd failed to pray at that meeting.

I, on the other hand, thought otherwise. What they did as they spoke, was as close to the conversation that prayer should be, as any other experience of corporate prayer I have ever experienced. Unlike many of my experiences, there was no manipulation, just people sharing themselves with God and His church (each other.)

How cool is that.


  1. i do read yours as well, but it has a few too mnay long words for me... ;-)

  2. I like this thought. I find when I meet with my prayer partner we end up doing a lot more talking than praying. But God is in it all. But that's where God is - in the honesty and real life of it all.