Saturday, February 16, 2008

Back from Holiday - Herne Bay Rocks!

We've landed back home after a unique week in Herne Bay. I'll post pics when my phone comes back to me (it's out partying atm.)

We've had such fun exploring Kent and it's just such a fantastic place, I can't believe we haven't spent more time there. We trekked to most places in between Whitstable and Dover with a diversion to Canterbury for good measure.

Anyway, this post is about one thing we discovered while we were there. We stayed near Herne Point on Spa Esplanade. From there you could see something out at sea. It stood way out on it's own, so I enjoyed trying to work out what it was. Perhaps a relic from the war? A sea defence or an entrance to an under-sea bunker? (OK I got a bit carried away...) So after a few walks along the beach and stares out of the upstairs window. I figured it must be a pier near deep water. A little more research found over a 150 years of civic pride, scandal and passion, tied to Hene Bay's three piers! and they want to build a fourth one!

There are some awesome pics of the the last one, and what's left of it! on this site. It was a fascinating to learn about it's history, the 'Great Storm of '78' that finally wrecked the rest of the pier I.E. the bit that connected the Pavillion to the pier head. Seriously, it was a long pier!

Anyway it's kept me amused all week!

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