Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Worship Confessional: 13/04/08

This was a bit of a risky one for me. We were looking at the spiritual gift of Tongues (and by definition, Interpretation.) The service leader and I wanted to leave the service open to whatever God was up to, so we did. We were looking at Tongue's purpose: to proclaim God's character and to express the inexpressible.

I was keen to make sure the band really caught as much of the church as possible so we could learn together, so I planned something a little different (risk #1.) Inspired by a friend, I wrote a little TAG for us to sing. Using the words from Emma "God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good" added a simple riff and used it to knit three other songs together. I really wanted to get people moving. We have so much to be thankful for as a church, I really want to make it possible for the whole church to really shout it out.

After the preach, I had several 'mini-sets' ready depending on where the service went. It meant the band had to really watch out for what God was up to. There was no 'Plan B' (risk #2) and they really did a great job.

We tried out 'I Am Chosen - Tim Hughes/Martin Smith'. I've had to shift the key somewhat (!) )risk #3) to make it singable, but it seemed to go well. Tim Hughes always writes songs I can't sing, but Martin Smith should know better...

It was a bit of a risk, but I have to say God showed up and made it worth it!


  1. Well I thought the risks paid off really well! You all did a really good job, and God was certainly there.
    I always feel there is more room for God to move during worship, and I certainly appreciated the longer worship time!
    You're not the only one who struggles to sing Tim Hughes songs - when will that boy ever learn? haha!

  2. Quite! Ah well, maybe he'll change through the transforming Grace of God....!