Sunday, April 20, 2008

Worship Confessional: 20/04/08

Drums this week. I think I was really looking forward to this morning. A chance to build on last week, and have some fun!

I've been playing with the snare tuning to try to get a better sound in the mix and used my Tama Tension Watch (a God send if anything is) to really crank it up. It gave my playing a whole different tone.

It's not something I would usually do on a Sunday morning but it paid off.

After that, Sian (Worship Leader) had some good stuff planned and we got underway. Second song in, a random noise jumps in to the mix. Loudly. It sounds like music. Then I can hear 16ths on a hi hat. Then it's 'There's a place'. It's not the computer or CD player. Eventually, it goes dead.

Turns out the MP3 player on our LS9 was set to play, not record. So it eventually played us. Time delayed by one week. Very clever really... perhaps too clever!

Still, we carried on and OMG, what a special time. The church really woke up and Worshipped God. Looking out from the stage and see the church move, clapping, hands up, down or whatever, was a blessing and made me grin. Then we did an actions song...hehe!

The band leaders were given a word at the end of the service which was very encouraging.

The word was that we had opened the door to the presence of God in this place and that it was not just for Sundays; it was for the rest of the week (i.e. the school.)

I pray that's true.

Set List:

(Warm up - Celebrate - Ben C)
The Lord's Prayer
Great Big God O
Oh Our Lord and King

Looking in the Sky/
Over All the Mountain - Martin Smith

Be Thou My Vision - Trad (ish)

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