Monday, May 12, 2008

Worship Confessional: 11/05/08

Back on drums this week. There's something about sitting down at the kit, coffee on the side, ready to play, that is so comfortable.

I like to return to that 'comfort zone' to re-assert my confidence, which I so readily sacrifice when I lead.

During sound check, Matt (keys) started playing some very 'House' type chords as an intro for the old Matt Redman song, 'It's Rising Up'. I'd love to have played a little more with it as an idea, but we had to stay focused on the morning. Though it's one of the things I like the most about playing with Matt; his Dj Ezra persona and some of his creative ideas for remixing songs.

We were looking at healing and God seemed to really move. There was lots of what I would call 'doing church' and lots of little groups of people praying with and for each other.

I felt the band was a little loose today. I'm not sure why. We launched 'Indescribable' today and maybe it's because I don't think we've really got the vibe right on the song. Great song though.

Set List:

It's Rising Up - Matt Redman
Indescribable - not written by Chris Tomlin!
Everlasting God - Vicky Beeching

King of kings, Majesty - Jarrod Cooper
(Something Else)

(My memory is getting worse, I've forgotten what we played!)


  1. My comfort zone has six steel strings usually placed closely together with magnetic pickups just underneath, with no mic anywhere near me!

    Jim C

  2. Nice!

    Thanks for stopping by, so how often do you step away from the guitar...?