Monday, July 14, 2008

Worship Confessional: 13/07/08

My sabbatical is coming. This was my last Sunday behind the drums. Boy, was it an odd one!

It was a well spirited setup with only one coffee.... We had a good sound check and it felt like a goods time to be playing together.

When it got to the service itself, the feeling was like the sea. The spirit seemed to come in waves where the peaks were passionate but the troughs were like 'swimming in treacle'.

I ended up playing some pretty strong patterns and dramatic fills. It will be interesting to listen back to.

We launched our new series on the letter of 1&2 Peter. We had a good background setting, looking at Peter's journey in the Gospels and the persecution he was writing in to.
Ian included a question that is one I love to dwell on; As Jesus changed Peter's name (from Simon) do we live with the right name?

With all of the issues I've been thinking about, I did have an almost heart breaking moment looking out across the church; so few of the men were engaged and singing. So few men were even there. (It is of note that the ones who were there and singing are serious men of God. Some firm foundations to build on?)

Set List:

(Warm up )
Celebrate - Ben Cantalon
Hallelujah - Brown/Doerkson
I Stand Amazed - Trad (SS version)

Light of the World - Tim Hughes

Be Thou My Vision

Just got my last Sunday leading Worship to go. I think I may have something in mind for that.....

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