Friday, September 12, 2008

Tesco Value Vodka...

Why on earth does this product exist?

What a cynical product.


  1. "Give the poor wine"....well we give them Vodka. Some people have so much hurt they just blot it out.

    Sadly they sober up, remember, and start again. The super company making that poison should have a moral compass: should is the point.

  2. Why is it a cynical product?

    I don't agree with your comment at all Martin! People who can't afford to drink in pubs like to have the option to drink responsibily at home. I'd be more than a bit outraged if Tesco took it upon themselves to police my consumption because of some binge drinkers who can't think for themselves.

    It's not Tesco who should have a moral compass, it's the individual. (Well, Tesco probably should but that's irrelevant here)

  3. I work with needy people who spend every penny they have getting out of their head, given the chance. I think we should have control and consumption restrictions. Norway has rules to curb excess drinking as it has a drink problem. The UK has a very serious drink issue. Tesco are cashing in on that problem - simple as that. This product is aimed at the low wage or unwaged. Often those who are most vulnerable. We ban illegal drugs due to the harm too society, yet alcohol misuse encouraged by the low cost has a huge affect on society.

  4. Whether Tesco should have a moral compass or not, I cannot see any valid arguement for adding 37.5% vodka to the Tesco Value range; a range that was originally designed to cover the basic food items.

    My point of view is definitely affected by the people I have met and what I have seen first hand.

    Nice to hear from you Laura!

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