Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Paphos 2008

Aphrodite beach. Towards the end of the day. We had just spent the day driving in to the mountains, eating warm toasted cashew nuts and having fantastic moussaka. Troodos is random but such a stand out place when you spend the rest of your time at the coast.

It's 2000 miles away from home, but Cyprus is no small, simple island. It has a tumultuous history that leaves it as politically and socially scarred as it looks with it's ridge of mountains rising high and green above the tourist areas.

Yet everone we met had a real sense of something which came across as kindness. In fact it became a real aspect of the holiday how we were treated, beyond the 'usual' service you'd expect from the people who are looking after you. I have to thank Agneska, Hami and the others who made it such a great time away.

Elle and Eva had a great time exploring the pools, slides and watery fun that we had a great time too.

Holidays are really important. Make sure you have one sometime.

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