Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Is Parkour the way of the future?

I keep seeing the same bunch of guys hanging around Norwich. They're young. They could look a bit dodgy, as they tend to be hanging around in the wrong kind of areas. The last time I saw them they were hanging around on the roof of a disused public toilet, see what I mean?

Yet, I wonder if they are the key to success in their generation. Seriously.

They may wear jeans and hoodies but they're no slackers, you see they're practicing 'Parkour'.

I saw one guy pop a handstand and just hold it. He had the sort of bodyline that Olympic gymnasts work hard for. Then, he just stayed there...

Another guy did a standing front flip, which he landed very cleanly. I've seen them make all kinds of jumps, spins and flips over various, rather solid objects.

I guess that's all very well, but the reason it all caught my eye so much is that I see those guys practicing one of my favourite, male spiritual disciplines. Not, I suspect, that they realise it.

You see, they are testing their strength. Testing it in a way that means taking risks that, if they succeed, will make the victory much more worthwhile. They're learning in a very real way how strong they are and where they are strong.

Do you think that would make a difference to how they approach life?

I certainly hope so.

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