Monday, September 14, 2009

Worship Confessional - 13/09/09

A great time for me this morning. I always play better when my IEM's sound good. Today, John had it all sounding great. (Thanks John!)
There was something else going on too though. A sense of team, or cohesion or something. We've been 'there' before, but it's been a while (for me at least.)
As a new thing, I took a copy of the desk recording home with me and I've been listening to it on loop since. Happy to hear the good stuff, happy to hear the not quite so good and always surprised at the details that only listening back can pickup. Things like just how talented Keef is; his bass playing is solid, yet incredibly musical. Lots to be discussed and learned from.
It wasn't without it's hitches. Given that we start at 8am, to not have coffee at the start, is not a good thing! Praise the Lord when the coffee machine was returned! (from a Wedding the day before.)
We looked at what Ian called CK People. C = covenant. K = Kingdom. The point being needing to hold on to the difference God's covenant with us makes in our lives (i.e. life or death!) and the need to bring God's Kingdom in the places we are.
Given that the music was good (IMO) and had some space in it, and the teaching was solid, I can't help feeling the break for the notices kinda blocked the flow. More inspiration required for communicating with the church at large so we can get the notices out of the Sunday service.
We also had a time of praying for our leaders linked to Christians in Government. It's something we should do more and that the Catholics (in my past) are very good at.

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