Sunday, October 11, 2009

So GLS 2009 then....

Well, once again it was all incredibly good. The standard was the same but there was a noticeable shift; there were no 'creative' elements.

Bill Hybels explained at the start of the Summit, that one of their responses to the current economic situation is that they have changed their meeting. Every element of the meeting is about getting ministry in to people. Then, they have changed their ministry times; blurring the start and finish time. One part of that is that they have a vocal team that will sing over people. They will sing for as long as it takes. They will sing until the last person leaves the auditorium.

That gives me a question....which I'll get to.

I have in my head lots of phrases and points that the various speakers have made, however the things I will remember are mostly visual.

It will be a long time before I forget about the rider, the elephant and the path, for example.

I have lot of books to read (!) and have already started....

It was a uniquely wonderful time spent hearing the GLS from a work POV and then processing it with non-OG people.

Of course the main part of the GLS is not the two days spent engaging with the speakers from the summit, but how you take what you hear back to your situation. That, of course takes time and deliberate action. Either that or you put the binder on the shelf and book up for next year....

For the time being though, my question is: Just how much am I, and those around me, prepared to do to see God's change?

(wherever that may be and whatever that may mean)

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