Sunday, December 20, 2009

Worship Confessional: 20/12/09

This year the Sunday before Christmas has fallen right in the middle of far to much activity. Oh, hang on, that's normal nowadays...

I feel like I've had to many things to organise, and for that, not done all of them as well as I'd have liked.

So with that in mind, I arrived in the snow to face the service feeling less than 100% up for it. Add to that genuine concern for people trying to get to the Hub with bad roads (we lost our bass player to being stuck at home) and it's not exactly what you'd call a good start. Which is exactly what life should be like; praising God in the good and bad times.

It was nice to be able to choose some carols, without excluding some more of the usual stuff. I enjoyed planning it that way, but I really had no idea what to plan for the end of the service, which could have gone several different ways.

My main thought was to give some space in the bedlam to think about what God did ll those years ago, and to set the challenge to 'Hold up a light' for him.

Set List:

(Warmup - God is Here and With Us - Phil Heald)

The First Noel - trad. with a new arrangement (but I don't know who!)
O Come All Ye Faithful - John Wade
O Come Let Us Adore Him - (adapted from John Wade)
No Sweeter Name - Cari Jobe
CD- Hold Up a Light for Me - Take That (yes, Take That!)
Light of the World - Tim Hughes
This is My Desire - Reuben Morgan
Hark The Herald Angel Sing - Charles Wesley

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