Saturday, May 21, 2011

Worship Confessional - sort of

A friend, who is currently some distance away, reminded me of how it used to be. He reminded me of a time when posting up thoughts and ideas on here was a bit like breathing in and out. He also reminded me that I miss him.

I used to need a place to bring my thoughts to reflect on and I used to think of this blog, and my private "My Eyes Only" blog, as a pensieve.

I don' t really know what changed. I'm aware that I don't think like that any more. I know that life is so very different now. And yet, I still feel as challenged and stretched as I did then. I guess the stretching has made some difference then ;)

So, apart from a bit of house-keeping that I need to do around here, I think I'm back. I have some thoughts and ideas that I would like to share and refine.

Just to update the background, I am back to drumming in church and we are just entering a new phase; we have formed 3 bands and are going to focus on how we can get better, together.

We'll also be looking at each discipline in it's own right, and I'm really looking forward to sharing with my fellow drummers, learning from their experience and planning how we approach bringing music to our home at

You never know, you may see them on here.

I'm even going back to writing, so you may get some more of that too!

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