Thursday, September 08, 2011

DiW: Why?

Why do we use drums in Worship music? What's the point?
Is there a biblical precedent that we're following? Well, yes and no. Yes in as much as gongs and cymbals are mentioned in the bible but no in as much as they are also used as a simile for us without Love.....

Yet there are countless drummers all over the world, playing all kinds of styles, in churches and meetings week in, week out. There must be a good reason for it right? There is and it's important to know it.

DC Talk once described God as a 'Creative Artist'. I've always liked that image, and I think it is the central reason to use drums, or indeed any gift/talent we have, in our Worship of YHWH; because everything we have is His and should be offered to him in praise and Worship. For me it is included in the 'Living Sacrifices' described in Romans 12 and that passage describes the relationship between physical worship and spiritual worship.

If, through playing music (no drummer jokes!), I can express my praise and worship of God and I can help lead others to do the same, then I have a very good reason to play!

Note that the reason isn't "to keep time" or "set a good groove" or "show how many chops you've got" or "annoy those who hate loud music!" or "because it's cool". What you play affects all of that stuff but it's no good making them the why. It would be a poor substitute for the real reason and frankly, I'd give up rather than play for any of those reasons!

Be clear about why you play. It will affect how you go about handling yourself and I think God is interested!


  1. I agree there, when the head takes over the heart your on rocky ground. Leading worship is a priveleged position, we should approach humbly with a servant heart. Which reminds me to revisit the heart of worship written by Mr redman. When we worship God is ultimately interested in what's in our heart, not how well we play on a Sunday morning.

    Your a wise old man Mr Heald :)

  2. Absolutely my friend, though less of the old though please.....