Saturday, October 08, 2011

DiW: 2 Ways to become a better drummer - guaranteed!

Two top tips for becoming a better drummer and yes, they really do work AND I'll tell you them for free...

The better the drums sound, the better you'll play

I was reminded of this one while talking to one of the Gateway Vineyard drummers about the newly tuned snare on the church kit. She had been energised by the fact that when she hit the snare, it had good sound. There were no distracting overtones, or disappointing  noises, just a good sound that freed her up to be more musical and dynamic in her playing.

Good sounding drums help make good sounding drummers.

The better the musicians you work with, the better you'll play

I have previously outlined that one of the things we do in the kind of music I play in church, is to copy other peoples arrangements. It's all very well working on new patterns and parts but if those around you aren't able to play theirs, it's just not going to work as well. But, get together with a group of players who are better than you and they will stretch you, ask things of you musically, and you'll get better. When you're creating your own arrangements, that sort of interaction is vital to make new, interesting music that sounds like you!

Don't forget though that sometimes you'll be the better player helping others step up and sometimes they'll be helping you.

I can think of two bass players that I have worked with in particular, who have made me get better. They have had such good rhythm & tone that I've stepped up my game to match theirs.

Good sounding musicians help make good sounding drummers.

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