Thursday, December 01, 2005

Fussy, Fussy, Fussy

Would be an accurate way to describe me when it comes to the words we sing in our sung worship.

To the point of re-writing songs like:

"Amazing Love" includes the line "In all I do, I honour you" now I just couldn't sing that; it's just not true! So I changed it (quite subtly) and with the bands help to "In all I do, I'll honour you" which infers that we're at least going to try, even if we can't quite hit perfection.

The trouble is, that I'm really quite unsettled with the songs that we're singing in church (and I pick some of them!) and long term I think we need to be writing our own, as there are things we should be communicating to God about that no-one has written about yet; at least none that quite hit the mark. So (excluding errors like this) I think I'm about to become my own worst critic!


  1. "I'll honour you" still says "I WILL honour you" which is a little bit too certain for my liking. ;-)

    Non-commital Carl. Doh!

  2. I thought it was "I'll honour you" anyway

  3. Rach, nope.

    Carl, I think it means I'm committing to try, with the very real possibility of failure. Nice ;)