Tuesday, January 31, 2006

#1 Day Left to Go!

This is it. One last day and then no more office, or perpetual PC viewing. I'm looking forward to spending more of my day looking at people than I do at my computer!

Today was always going to be long. I finish here at 5.00pm, have a meeting at 6.00pm followed by band practice at 7.30pm. I'll eat something at some point, but I won't be going home. So it's really unhelpful that today Hol should be quite ill, and needs to rest AND Elle is a little ill and is quarantined from nursery! Hol needs looking after, Elle needs looking after, and all on a day when I definitely have to go to work!

All I can say (and do) is Thank God for Grandparents!

It did mean that I had to get up way earlier than normal, shower etc then get Elle up dressed etc and then drive way out of the city to drop Elle off for her day with her Grandma, but, by the Grace of God, I was at work on time and I drove safely all the way!

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