Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The times, they are a changing

You may have already noticed the new link in the side bar to the Worship Articles, if not, it's over there. To the right. No, the other right. That's it.

If you click on there it will take you to an index page and on there is the link to the first article;
P P P Power in Praise

I finished it last night and I've published the draft for review. BE KIND, but let me know what you think. Whether anything's missing, or unclear, or it's perfect *cough* or any SPG mistakes. Once they're at a point that I'm happy with I'm thinking about publishing them in their own blog. I can add tags then, when they're ready for the world at large. We'll see.

I've plumped for a verbal narative style, as I want it to be quite informal.

Now I've started look out for more articles to follow (several in draft ATM) and I'll be starting the techie articles soon too.

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