Tuesday, January 24, 2006

An Apology

I have several posts and changes in draft, but I need to do this first.

I appreciate the creativity of others very much, and I love sharing what I find on the internet. However, I committed a bit of an internet sin, so I need to apologise for it.

Dear Dave Walker,

I catch your blog in my news reader, and in my haste to share your latest cartoon, I neglected to give you proper credit and links to the original. I apologise.
I have edited my posts on the YFC forum, and I hope this in some way makes it up to you.

Kind Regards

Phil H

PS Keep up the good work! and for anyone who hasn't been to Cartoonchurch.com/blog/, go now!


  1. That is an excellent blog.

  2. Phil - thanks for this. I think you have paid your penance!

    Now go in peace to read my blog and sin no more :)

  3. Penance? See, you're not that Liberal!

    Thanks Dave.

  4. Hey Phil. Finally got around to linking to you from my site. You're officially on my blogroll now. I really appreciate your interest and support. God bless!!

    Orlando, Florida, USA

  5. Phil,

    Thanks for that. Watch out for a feature on baldworshipleader.com coming soon, and consider yourself blogrolled too!

    Phil H