Friday, January 27, 2006

Good Friday

Not that good Friday, but it's my last Friday here before I leave on Tuesday.

Cakes are of course in order later on, but right now I'm really struggling to get up to speed. There are still loose ends to be tied up; stock to be tidied; computers to be returned to IT.....And yet none of those things are on my mental 'To Do' list. That list contains things such as:

  • Finish my coffee before it gets cold.
  • Marvel at the number of draft posts I have to complete sometime.
  • Keep drinking my coffee.
  • Avoid the phone.
  • Decide if I can justify another cup yet....

(My caffeine intake has trebled over the last few months, and I'm looking forward to reducing it when I change jobs, but not until then.)


  1. Your coffee addiction needs prayer mate ;)

    Well I hope you enjoy "Good Friday"

  2. I can relate in a small way, though when I left my office, I completed my mental to do list, started on the actual work load, then when 5 o clock came realised it wasnt my responsibility anymore, and sometimes we just have to realise that and give ourselves a break.


    Just eat an apple! Itll make your brain work better.

  3. Apple, Banana and Orange packed and ready to go!

    (but not until after I eat the apple turnover with cream that I just bought from the bakery....)

  4. Draft posts are good, but I never get around to making any.