Sunday, January 15, 2006

Leading Worship

So, this morning I led worship. It's a great joy to me to hear a whole church singing their praises to God. It's a privilege in fact, and not one I take lightly. It's taken me a long time to accept and cope with the title 'Worship Leader'! (which is another story!)

Every now and again, the PA throws a bit of a wobbly (usually human error, and not always the PA guys fault.) By the end of set up, we had only a few issues left, though these did include my In-Ears not working.

Now, it used to get a bit stressful, what with working to a time schedule, it being before 9.00 on a Sunday morning, and knowing we needed to pray! but this morning, instead of stressing, I had a sense of peace that preceded expectancy. Somehow (well, through the grace of God) I was able to take a step back and ask why. I suspected God was about to interrupt and do something different! And that it was most important to keep my/our eyes on the Spirit and go with it.

Guess What?

God did work, and in ways none of us would have guessed. People were hearing from God all over the church, and one word came from a very special lady, who wouldn't have done so 6 months ago!

I love it when god does that. It helps me keep an edge to my thinking, and reminds me just who should be incharge. It makes me thankful that we have a varied team leading services, who talk to each other to keep us following where God's going.

Thank you God for showing me that my fluffed chords are still music to your ears.

Lord, what are you doing next Sunday? Fancy messing around with Ian's orders of service again?

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