Friday, January 13, 2006

More Tag You're It!

7 Things I would like to do before I die (no particular order):
1. Be wild at Heart.
2. Have a family (already doing that.)
3. Make a difference for God.
4. Get a motorbike again.
5. Tour Australia.
6. Ski in America.
7. Be able to see with out the assistance of glasses or contact lenses.

7 Things I can't do (yet):
1. Speak another language fluently (instead of bits and pieces.)
2. Always make my actions match my priorities.
3. Read my wife's mind...
4. Sail confidently.
5. Play lead guitar.
6. Play piano.
7. Know what I want to do! (borrowed from Sparkly Helen, though this year I'm getting there...)

7 Things that attract me to Blogging (in no particular order) :
1. Being able to keep up with people I don't see regularly.
2. Not having to say everything I've been doing 10 million times over.
3. Showing off photos.
4. Getting other peoples' comments and thoughts.
5. Being able to comment on others and therefore being a small part of their life (again borrowed from Sparkly Helen, but only because they are spot on.)
6. To look for God patterns in my life.
7. To act as a Pensieve.

7 Things I say most often (in no particular order):
1. Nice.
2. Hey.
3. Aww.
4. Awesome (no American accent though.)
5. I'm hungry!
7. Cool.

7 Books I love (no particular order):
1. The Bible.
2. The Harry Potter Series.
3. Freya North's series on the Macabe sisters (Chloe especially.)
4. Wild at Heart - John Eldridge
5. The Champagne D'vine series
6. That's not my Angel
7. Blogs in general (yes they count sparkles)

7 Movies and TV shows I watch Over and Over:
1. Red Dwarf - all series!
2. Love Actually
3. Back to the Future I, II and III
4. Mary Poppins
5. Chitty chitty Bang Bang
6. The Box of Delights (well I would watch it more, but I haven't got a copy of it ATM.)
7. Moulon Rouge

7People I want to join in too (you've been tagged!):
1. Rach
2. Hannah
3. Keef (Just in case he goes on line ever again...)
4. Dan
5. Craig (whom I don't know yet...)
6. Scott Adams (Creator of dilbert, and unlikely to play, but maybe..)
7. Three Cord Wonder (Just for a Laugh)

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