Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sound Reinforcement Resource Index

From the basics of what is an XLR? through to understanding the problems of comb-filtering when trying to produce a single wave front....This is the Index page for Sound Reinforcement Articles.

Each one will be 'published as a draft' on the blog ThreeChordWonder where I hope the can be tested and ammended as necessary. They will then be saved as final (ish) and indexed on this page.
If you would like to contribute an article, or there is an area you'd like me to look at (well, someone might do!) Then please leave a comment and I will contact you one way or another.

As we expand our system at OG I'd like to back up what he team already knows and record the things we need to learn more about.

Phil H


Balanced or Unbalanced

It's all in the Mix

Drum Miking - Part 1 - Why?

Drum Miking - Part 2 - Them Drums!


  1. Looking back to the verse from John, Jesus is calling us to simply be us. As we Worship in our day to day lives and as we gather together we need bring nothing else, except ourselves.
    Dude! you are wise. Tre` would be proud of that article. :-D

  2. As wise as tre? Surely not!

    What a complement!

  3. I have nothing to say but ... Phil you're a geek.

  4. Harsh :p

    What about the Worship series?

    (especially as I haven't even published the 'Connectors' article yet!)