Tuesday, January 10, 2006


It's a small world, and it's getting smaller or so they say.

(I like 'they' you can quote them saying anything and most people won't ask who you mean. What a great language.)

Anywho, I'm flagging a typo. Now I usually like to make my mistakes quietly, in the background, but this one worked out OK.

If you take the 'h' out of the chord in my blog address, you get these guys http://threecordwonder.blogspot.com/
(sorry for nicking the photo without permission guys)

A Christian band in the US, who I'm looking forward to hearing something of. They have a pure volume page which I'm going to check out at some point which I hope has some tunes on it.

Either way, my conviction that the world is only a small one with a big God grows stronger still.

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