Monday, January 09, 2006

Wedding Crashers

Wedding Crashers on DVD. We'd not really heard anything about good or bad about the film, but we had heard of it. So, expecting a bit of bubblegum American humour in a slighly different setting, we thought we'd give it a go.

I liked the set up, I liked the cast (Especially Owen Wilson's nose) and I liked the look of the film, however improbable. What I didn't like was the almost painfully predictable moments in it. Painful not so much in a "I can see where the plot's going" kind of way, in fact for a Sunday night film I don't want to have to think too hard, but more in a "How long are they going to string this out" kind of way.

It got to the point where Hol had to go and tidy the kitchen she was getting so frustrated by it all!

If you liked the hideous, time-theif of a film that was 'Meet the Parents' then you'll probably love this. We didn't, but it's all about personal taste.

Apologies for the poor quality pic, but it's the third one I tried, and all of them we as bad. If I'd liked the film more, I'd probably have tried harder to find a good one.

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  1. Anonymous10:33 pm

    best movie I've ever seen...
    you are too mature