Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The town is now Ochre! - Birthday Part 2

What a great night in our fine city!

On an unrelated note, I want to add a pic of the flowers I got for Hol, but I have to wait for the batteries on my camera to recharge, so I'll add it later. If you can see some 'sunshine' flowers, then I've done it.

So, a night in Norwich then....Well, as for everytime we've been out when Hol's parents have babysat, it rained. I'm not saying they're linked, but it is true.

We started out at Marzano's for drinks. There's something about the Forum when it's quiet that lends itself very well to drinks'; the Jazz piano and double bass really made it special though. It's lovely to take some time out and just talk. Talk with animation and passion, about what we want to do this year and what that means our year might look like, and definitely not talk about planning our weeks, or arranging things, or housework!

By the time we'd had a drink and talked for a bit it was nearly 9.00! so we thought about making a move, and decided to head down to the River Bank chinese buffet, ignoring our usual haunts we'd go to when out for a special meal like Trattoria Rustica, Umberto's or the Last. We walked, which was refreshing, and the rain had subsided slightly, though it sounded worse until I realised that the running water noise I could hear was the sound of the run-off from the Ice-skating Rink melting away for another year.

For those that have been forgive me, but if not, then basically the River bank is a part of the Riverside development and overlooks the river itself and is a Chinese buffet (I know I've said that already.) You pay up front, but then can help yourself to as much food as you like, in any order. They split the buffet into four sections; Starters, Main Course, Tepenyaki and Desserts. It was our first time there, and I loved the fact that you could have lots of small courses, and I think we had a taste of everything. I was particularly pleased with my choice for the Tepenyaki; I sirloin beef & mushroom & mangetout rice noodles noodles. It was quite bright, which meant it wasn't cosy, but I think it will make places like Umberto's that bit more special when we go there next.

As ever Hol's celebrations went well. Mine, which are today, tend to be 'different' or 'interesting' in some way (not that that has spoilt my enjoyment of them.) For example Two (I think) years ago we were in Barcelona for our birthdays and Hol's was wonderful, good sights and good food, but we walked literally from one side of Barcelona to the other on my birthday. At night. Unintentionally. Which is a long way. A very long way.

I'm looking forward to tonight, when we have some good friends coming over for food. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm cooking and I haven't quite decided what to make yet...

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  1. Sounds lurvely!

    Hope you have a good night tonight. I do love marzanos now, they have soya milk :-)

  2. It was a top night :0)

  3. Sorry I forgot your birthday, and Elle's for that matter.

    Will a very belated Happy Birthday make up for my stupidity?


  4. No worries, I appreciate the hug :0)