Thursday, January 12, 2006

Northern Cow Impression? - Birthday Part 3

I know I cooked, but the food was good. I think good food tastes even better when you have good company though, and Chris & Sarah are fab.

I went for the Jamie Oliver-esc meatballs with tagliatelli (no picture, they didn't last last long enough!) We had a selection of icecreams ready for dessert, including my current favourite 'Black Forest Gateaux', but having spent a leisurely amount of time eating we retired for coffee and a slice of this (singing included)

(The camera didn't get a look-in 'til later!)

I got some great cards like this (sorry about the dodgy focus)

and I even got a set of these!

Well, actually they're much nicer than these and have soft handles, but I like them, though they did cause a certain amount of giggling when I opened them...I've no idea why!

Also worth a special mention, from my parents-in-law I got a set of cooking/recipe books, from BBC's GOOD FOOD series. I'll let you in to a secret, this set is not the first present I've been given where the giver got it for free! ;)

Thank you to C & S and Hol for such a great evening, I really enjoyed myself, and this year my birthday was interesting and different for the right reasons!!! Being 27, and living in 2006; The year of the Risk, is, however, going to be very diffferent and very interesting!

Oh, and the Northern Cow impression? Well, just ask Chris about that...

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