Friday, January 06, 2006

Web Fashions

Maybe I'm just following the trend, but if this works out how I hope it will, in a years time I'm going to be very happy with the results.

The web, and especially the blogoshere, seems to have it's fashions just like the rest of society, it's been blogs, then photoblogs, meme's etc etc. Tagging is the one I'm looking at here. Buzzwords like Technorati and Flickr have been around for a while, but they're still in fashion, so I'm not that far behind. My aim is to add around three tags to each post to help me (and anyone else) search my blog; which will become more and more useful as time goes on.

I've added a Technorati link to my side bar (I managed to edit my template correctly first time, though more through guessing than planning!) which includes a search function and is free when you sign up for membership. Now all I have to do is trust that the code I'm about to use to tag this post won't delete my blog! Here goes...

All you do is add this code:
< href="[tagname]" rel="tag">[tagname]< /a>
To your post, changing [tagname] to whatever tag you want, removing the [] and removing the spaces in the <>< /a> code.

It works!


  1. Hannah11:31 am

    I like the fact livejournal can do that without me having to play around with codes!

  2. Cool, though Technorati makes this blog accessible to the whole web too (which is not conceited.)

    The one thing I can't seem to find is how to get my blog to ping Technorati and keep it updated. I'll keep working on it.