Monday, February 06, 2006

First Day...

Done. That's it. My first day at YMCA is over.

I took my packed lunch and a clean handkerchief, so I was well prepared!

What a day! There have been so many things I've seen today that I think I will remember and unpack for a long time to come. That's just about the staff!
Today's been about watching all of the team do their thing, and you'd be amazed at how different their styles are - and I haven't met all of the team yet. Everyone I've met so far has been great. Unique, and good at using their strengths. In fact that's something I like about the YMCA, it seems that the structures they have allow for people to be individuals. I like that very much. I wonder what the downside of that is?

I think the next couple of weeks will be quite like that, and that could be frustrating, but I need to remember that I'm the newboy. Hopefully that will be something I can manage.

It was good to meet a few of the residents and start to get an idea of the world in which they live. I think the most important thing I learnt about that is that the YMCA is their home.

I even got the bus home, which for me is quite a step. I love public transport, but having grown up in a rural area I have plenty of bad experiences of buses around here and so I avoid them if at all possible; usually by cycling everywhere, which I intend to do tomorrow. We also have really expensive buses. Carl blogged about it a while ago.

I'm tired in a good way, and I think I'll go back tomorrow!


  1. welcome to the YMCA!!

  2. Why thank you Mr. Deal!

    I hope our paths cross at somepoint.