Saturday, February 04, 2006

Gastro doo dah, Samba bands and Menswear Depts.

So it's been an ill week in our household. We've all been ill, very ill, but we're back on form now. Eating and everything! It's not quite the week I had in mind, as I prepare to start at YMCA on Monday, but nevermind..

We we're well enough to have a wonderful brunch with our friends this morning, including fresh croissants from the local farm shop, which picked us up for our trip to the city, where I found two things to have a slight whinge about. I don't whinge very often, but these are two things which could become bugbears for me:

1) Samba Bands - A bunch of people in the same type of t-shirt, making a tuneless row does not a samba band make.

2) Women. Please leave enough room in menswear departments for men. I struggle with having to fight my way through countless women to look at clothes for me. Maybe we could create some sort of ticket system and limit the numbers allowed in at the same time.



  1. do you mean women looking at womens clothes or mens clothes? Or shopping for you?

  2. Women looking at mens clothes (reason unknown) and therefore stopping me looking at clothes.

    It's often a mother and daughter combination, so I guess they're shopping for their partners?

  3. Maybe if more men shopped for themselves we wouldn't have to go for them! ;P