Thursday, April 27, 2006

Drum roll please...............

Elle has finally decided to get off her lazy bottom and start walking! She has been quite steady on her feet for a while, but just couldn't be bothered to take more than two steps!

Now she can walk meters without wobbling , or even really noticing.

We're off to Derbyshire for a holiday soon. I wonder how she'll like mountain climbing...


  1. lol - I'm sure you'll be chasing after her as she races up them.

    Congrats Elle!

  2. Ah bless her, she's there eventually.

    Harness her up and if she won't walk you can pull her.

    My niece is growing up so fast.

  3. Yey well done Elle.

    Lissy will come show you how to run, then you really can keep daddy on his feet!

    Don't stick her on reigns! Poor little thing!

  4. Reigns have their moments...especially when the option is to far over on wet sand...

  5. Hehe.

    I take the falling over on wet sand! Lissy has ended up head first in a puddle that came up to her tummy on the beach a few weeks ago...

    Will Elle walk on reigns? Lissy has pretty pink princess ones but refuses to walk in them. She just likes to wear them as a necklace!